SAGARDI Experience

Ruth Reyes

Central de Reservas

"Being part of Sagardi Group is be part of a company with initiative and a lot of personality, is a company with soul and every one of us who work here make this possible. Surely a company where grow both professionally and personally rewarding an experience every day. "

Miquel Farín

Responsable de implantación gastronómica en ámbito internacional in Actualmente en Santiago de Chile

Romanticism would be the closest word I have to define what it means to me to belong to this company:

I'm in charge of international projects, revealing the ideals, the cuisine and the values ​​that SAGARDI transmitted to me, generating in each country a different model, new, genuine and fresh, both in its ideas and in their daily, with the work and its understanding of gastronomy, the meaning of sitting at a table and the importance of who has to deal with it. To transmit and teach in a modern way an ancient cuisine and genuine, based on knowledge and passion and the sensitivity its cornerstone.

When I'm in another country many people ask me the same question: "- What does a Catalan chef in a Basque company?? -" I can not help laughing at and explain that for me the most important is not where you come from and where you are, but feel inspired and identified with what you do every day.