TXAPELDUN, in Basque, is he who wears the txapela hat. In a land of born competitors and gamblers, the txapela has always been worn by the champion. Be it tug-o-war, rowing, cutting logs, playing cards or the famous “I bet you can't...”, the winner has always been the txapeldun.

At SAGARDI we understand that the TXAPELDUN is our client, our friend, he who often enjoys himself with us but sometimes also suffers our imperfections. For him we have decided to move forward with this initiative.

In the image of the Basque gastronomic societies, where the kitchen is a means and an end to bring together groups of friends that share a common view of life and its more hedonistic aspects, today we launch the Club TXAPELDUN.

This club will bring together all our good clients and friends, present and future, with a common communication platform for experiences and privileges (why not, we are the TXAPELDUN, after all).

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